A Charge With Serious Consequences

In the area of criminal defense charges, drug offenses are often among the most seriously penalized. Consequences include stiff fines and even prison time. It is vital to protect yourself against these charges. King Law Firm offers skilled representation, with an eye toward reducing charges wherever possible.

Alternative Options May Be Available

We offer defense against a wide variety of drug offenses in state court, including:

  • Possession
  • Manufacture
  • Drug trafficking
  • Distribution

With past experience as a prosecutor, founding attorney Bryant King brings special experience to his drug charge defense cases. He understands how the other side thinks, and can use that experience to your advantage.

Also, because Mr. King has long experience in the Kansas City legal system, he may be able to negotiate lesser charges or for your case to be handled in treatment court. Drug court is not for everyone: It often requires stricter probation conditions and other requirements. However, when appropriate, this separate court allows individuals accused of these charges a chance at rehabilitation rather than simply going to jail.

Contact A Drug Crimes Lawyer Today For Help

If you are facing drug charges, there is no time to waste. Contact King Law Firm as quickly as possible for representation. Our Kansas City office can be reached at 816-945-8789, and you can also contact us through our online contact form.