Protect Yourself In Court

Facing legal action can feel daunting. Whether you are facing once-in-a-lifetime criminal charges or have simply decided to pursue a divorce, the system is likely unfamiliar to you, as many people do not interact with the legal system often.

This can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. However, it does not have to be that way. A good attorney can offer the guidance and peace of mind necessary to make the process much easier for you.

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A Lawyer Who Understands Your Needs

King Law Firm has served the Kansas City community for years, providing comprehensive representation to individuals facing criminal defense charges, as well as family law and personal injury lawsuits. Founding attorney D. Bryant King III offers:

  • Personal attention. As the sole attorney at the firm, Mr. King offers personalized attention to each client.
  • Unique mix of past professional experience. Mr. King has worked both as a Platte County prosecutor and at a large firm. Additionally, he is a veteran who graduated from West Point and went on to achieve the rank of captain in the United States military.
  • Long experience in the Kansas City legal system. As a longtime Kansas City's Northland resident, Mr. King understands the local system and its unique opportunities, including treatment courts.

At our firm, no matter your legal situation, we are committed to working for your best interests: efficiently and effectively.

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